Do it Yourself

Where it Started 

My passion for home and DIY's exploded when I bought my first house in Savannah, GA – a small 3-bedroom house (just over 1000 sq. ft). This little house was my main drive to learn how to tackle home renovation projects by myself, how to design functional living spaces, and how to style a space beautifully. I combined my new found love for DIY's and renovations with my first love of thrifting. I was able to fully furnish and decorate the entire house sustainably. Whether that was from the thrift store, secondhand shops, Facebook marketplace and even the side of the road. My desire is that something here inspires/gives you courage/or lends a handy tip, and helps you to create a sustainable rad little space of your own.

 A few of our favorite reformations

All of these pieces were either found on Facebook Marketplace, at the local Goodwill or on the side of the road with a free sign taped to it. We transformed them from shabby to statement pieces that stand out and shine with just a few materials. Check out some of these before and afters, if these float your boat we will have blogs with step by step instructions on DIY's for you to do in your home.