The Babe Behind The Brand

Meet Caitlyn. A wearer of many hats. Literally & Figuratively. Currently based out of California with her golden (Scout) who loves the ocean and driving with the Jeep top off just as much as she does. She's a type 7 for all of the enneagram fans out there, this explains the desire to always try new things and never be able to sit still for more than one episode of New Girl.

If this were the intro to Princess Fiona's dating profile in Shrek..

Caitlyn spends her days teaching hot yoga, sourcing rad pieces from the thrift for you, podcastin' by the pool, and probably blasting Lil Wayne entirely way too loud while sanding down a new dresser she found on the side of the road. She loves spontaneous trips to explore National Parks, beach days spent on a surf board, hitting up a goodwill or a salvation army & Taco Bell (the crunchwrap supreme has my heart).