Our Design Services

Lifeminded Design is a full-service interior and commercial design studio based in Southern California run by one gal who's one part California sunshine and two parts salt water. We specialize in "Homes made Humble" for primary residences, vacation homes and commercial spaces.

Our current vibe is a mix of bohemian decor, eclectic designs with a little taste of modern. When it’s done right, a space with bright bohemian decor exudes creativity in a tasteful way. The art of layering patterns, mixing colors, and combining furniture styles can give a room a fun, free-spirited vibe. From a crowded room bursting with color and pattern to a more toned-down exotic feel, there’s a boho room out there for you. So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with this eclectic aesthetic, we've got the design for you. But this is just ONE of our aesthetics, we are full of designs for neutral spaces, modern and minimal houses and more. We create designs that make you feel at home.

Sustainability in your Space

We bring you pieces that are not only sourced sustainably just for you but that are unique and support a more environmentally friendly now. Most of our home decor/furniture comes pre-owned to not only save you money but to cut down on the use of fast furniture brands that 1. do not last and are made from cheaper materials but 2. do not meet ethical labor laws and contribute to landfill waste. We bring you that wardrobe from the 1950's that has been on your Pinterest board for 2 years, those plant pots that were crafted by a local pottery studio run by one woman and the paint color that was a wrong color match at Home Depot but fits your bathroom perfectly and only costs $9. 

Our Process 

Step numero uno: As the first step of the interior design process you will fill out a new client inquiry form. This form will go over what space(s) you wanted designed, the type of project, if you want styling and furnishing, what vibe you were trying to go for, budget, and all of those fun things. 

Step Two: Let's meet! If you're local to Southern CA we can schedule an in person meeting but if you're somewhere else, no worries we can hop on a video chat with you. This is where we really get to know you and your space. We will go over everything in the form you filled out and learn a little more about your design project. We will dive into your vision and go over functionality of the space as well as our timeline for the design process. We will be creating mood boards and a shared Pinterest board to bring your vibes to life, so you can follow along every step of the way. 

Step Three: Alllllll about the mood boards! We will be creating a Pinterest board just for your space to share and pin ideas for the design and styling. This will help set the vibe for your home, we will fill it with inspo from your/our vision for the space. We will start sourcing materials for the project, sustainably of course. If you are furnishing your home with us we will begin thrifting, sourcing and hunting for the perfect one of a kind pieces. 

Step Four: This is where we bring your dream space to life. We will start ordering the materials for your space. Sending you the layout we designed for you to implement. We will provide you with all of the tools, materials, instructions, and good vibes for you to make your house your home.