Style Made Sustainable

                                                           Our Story

At Lifeminded Style we’ve created a one of kind online thrift store experience that encourages our shoppers to go beyond shopping secondhand and become full-fledged conscious consumers. Our mission of style made sustainable cuts down on the need for low wage factories and combats clothing waste and pollution that are the result of fast fashion.

Our Process

There are already so many clothes in circulation that conventional thrift stores and recycling plants can hardly keep up with donations. And, unfortunately, global R&D efforts have yet to produce a scalable method for recycling fibers. That’s where we come in! We source items weekly (heck sometimes daily) for you from the thrifts to save them from ending up in a landfill.Then we style the pieces to spark some inspiration & then offer them to you at a much more affordable price than its retail price.

 Fast Fashion 

Fast fashion provides trendy clothing at cheap prices, but it comes at a terrible cost. The fast fashion industry doesn’t want you to know just how bad its practices are, but we’re here to help you get educated. Browse some fast fashion statistics and data related to carbon pollution, water waste, labor violations, and more in our Fast Fashion blog located under the Style tab. Then share with your friends and family — become and advocate for change!