Living with Leaves

Plants make people happy and we're huge believers that spaces filled with greenery are the best places to inhabit. The attraction goes well beyond the aesthetic appeal; plants are living things that constantly grow and evolve. The act or taking care and tending to an indoor garden is rewarding. Watching the new leaves unfurl on a healthy happy plant seriously floats our boat. 

We are your ultimate guide to choosing and caring for your houseplants ( current & that future one you'll add to the grocery cart on your way out of Trader Joes). Want all the plants but your thumb is about as green as the grass in the desert? Don't worry, we will bring you all the best tips and tricks you need to care for your indoor plant pals. 

❊ Information on the best light, soil and water requirements to keep your plants happy.

❊ Advice on selecting the best (thrifted) pots for your plants and how to style them to create the perfect jungalow.

❊ Plant profiles, think of these as like a dating profile for your plants. What they need, want, how much attention to give them and when and how often to feed them.